It is easy to get confused and overwhelmed in today's job market when you’re on the hunt for a new job. Companies post positions that may sound appealing, but if you don’t know how to decipher the language of the posting, you may find yourself wasting time and becoming discouraged when a wrong opportunity seems like the right one. Understanding a job posting will ensure that you spend your valuable time applying to jobs that may lead to an offer and a job that you are qualified to do.

Understand the Job Title

Understanding a job title is essential. To verify a legit job, ensure that the required experience and responsibilities line up with the title. For example, an entry-level position should have appropriately matched skills and responsibilities. Do not apply for a job you are overqualified for; just as you wouldn’t apply for one you are underqualified for, even if you are desperate. You will likely not get a call to interview because employers will not consider you.

Research the Company Before Your Apply

It’s easy to find information about companies on the internet, so use it as a helpful tool to check out your prospective company’s background. Things like customer and employee reviews will give you an idea of how the company conducts business. Asking people in your network familiar with the industry what they may know about the prospective company will provide you with an honest opinion from a trusted source.  Researching the products or services that the company produces gives you a leg up in an interview and allows you to tailor your resume to fit the job description and requirements which they are looking for. 

Analyze the Job Duties

Job descriptions can be written in a generic language, leaving it up to the applicant to decipher what they mean. Do your research on the company's services to see how a job duty or skill translates to the job you are applying for. Clarifying specific skill sets in your resume instead of general skills like “communication” and “good listener” will make you stand out amongst other applicants. 

Make Sure You Meet the Requirements

Requirments like experience and education level are often non-negotiable when applying for a job. Go through the job posting thoroughly and confirm that you check most of the boxes for job requirements. Some requirements may be flexible based on what other experience you may have had in a previous position. The only way to know is by speaking with the person who does the hiring and confirming that your skills are a good match. 

Follow Instructions Carefully

So you’re ready to apply for the job? Closely reviewing and understanding the instructions for applying will guarantee your resume has a chance of being reviewed. Those who miss a step in the application process usually don’t even get a look at their resume and cover letter. Avoid the disappointment of a missed opportunity by taking your time and hitting all the steps in the process. 

Job applications can be stressful but understanding the position and its requirements and ensuring that your resume is up to par gives you the best chance of scoring the interview and, subsequently, the job.


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