Any homeowner knows the dreaded feeling of having to make a call when it comes to home repairs. Do you try to fix it yourself? Hire your friend’s handyman? Or do you scour the internet for advice on local repair companies with good ratings? 

Home repairs can be a costly setback to your annual budget and add a lot of stress in a real emergency. While there are times when it pays to hire a professional, and you should not try to fix it yourself, minor repairs are often just a matter of some DIY expertise and willingness to learn some new skills. If that sounds like you, read on for some tips on how to do your own small home repairs.

Paint it Yourself

Hiring a professional painter can be a costly endeavor when you are ready for a change or your wall color needs a fresh coat. Doing the painting yourself may take a little longer than a seasoned pro, but it will save you lots of money. With a bit of help from the right brush and a little painter’s tape, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a job well done. 

Unclog Your drains

Calling the plumber the moment you realize your sink or shower pipes are clogged may seem like your only choice. But, with the help of a sink drain snake, you can usually unclog that nasty blockage all on your own without paying for a service call. 

Perform Routine Maintenance on Your HVAC

Mark your calendar and keep up on the monthly maintenance of your HVAC system. Regularly change the air filter and clean out any accumulated dirt and debris. Check your thermostat to make sure it is running correctly. Routinely maintaining your HVAC will help it run more efficiently, saving money on your electricity bill. 

Patch a Small Hole in the Wall

Have a lot of small holes in the wall from hanging pictures? Grab some putty and a spackle knife to quickly fill them in and make your wall look new again. Use a primer before putting a coat of paint on the newly filled holes. 

Re-caulk Your Shower and Tub

Over time the caulking in your shower and tub will likely peel up in some spots, causing an unsightly mess. Purchase a tube of caulk and a caulking gun, and using a sharp tool such as a utility knife, scrape the old caulk away. Simply clean away any leftover debris, make sure the surface is dry, and follow the instructions on the tube. 

Clean Your Gutters

If you are brave enough to climb a ladder, cleaning your gutters will save you the cost of a professional service call. Grab some thick gloves and use your hands to remove leaves and sticks from the gutter. Use a hose to get residual dirt and grime out of the drain and a solution of white vinegar to get them sparkling clean. 

Re-Calibrate Your Oven

If you’ve noticed that your oven hasn’t been as hot as usual, it’s possible that the temperature just needs to be recalibrated. Avoid calling on a professional to do the simple task and grab your manual. There will be simple instructions inside, and your oven will work just like new. 

Next time you have a minor home repair, consider fixing it yourself before spending money to have a professional do a simple job that you may be able to do on your own!


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